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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by bbninjas, Nov 2, 2014.

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    I'm really happy with how this turned out, especially considering the Keldeo model is the notorious 3DS version! My past Unity renders have been rather subpar, but this time I used a few more textures to give the art more depth and applied plenty of colour correction filters to manipulate the atmosphere / contrast balance until it felt just right. Paying attention to detail also did wonders - small things like the splashes, blue glow on the rocks and the dirt around the hooves did wonders.

    Click this link to see the before and after.

    This art was designed for my Keldeo CAC card.

    Keldeo model is the official 3DS model.
    Water, dirt, rocks are stock / free assets.
    Rocky lagoon background is by James Diab
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  2. Captain Charizard An awesome guy who LOVES dragons in general
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    You drew that?!
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    Not quite drew Captain, but rendered in a 3D modelling software like you might for a game, hahaha :p

    There’s a link to the before and after shots in the post.
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    I wasn't going to bother posting this to PB, but @scattered mind inspired me.

    Started this as a way to cope and process the terror attack that took place earlier this year in Christchurch, New Zealand, but finished it only recently. Shoutout to Vracken as our resident kiwi. #TheyAreUs

    Graphite, >25 hours - I lost track of time. Reference: [link]
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