Ash's Pokémon and Their Evolutions

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    To me Cyndaquil should have remain a Cyndaquil since it was already consider to be a mini powerhouses. Quilava is cool but it's not any better then Cyndaquil, the writer's should of left it the way it was.
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    Cyndaquil should have evolved in the middle of the Johto saga. Ash's Johto team was generally poor and the lack of evolutions really killed it. The writers tried to improve it by making Heracross a powerhouse when he returned, evolving Phanpy in BF, etc...but the starters are still just kinda there.

    I don't think anyone would deny Ash's Johto team was one of his weakest teams of the series. I liked Bayleef, but both Cyndaquil and Totodile should have evolved at least once.

    Also, Emmanuel Burnell do you come to every pokemon forum in existence?
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    They evolved Cyndaquil in DP because at that time, Dawn had also acquired a Cyndaquil... So, they evolved Ash's to avoid confusions... but then, during BW, they evolved Dawn's Cyndaquil too anyway lol
  4. If it's worth anything I suspect IF we ever saw Dawn again she would have a Typhlosion now. Not that we'll likely ever know.

    I think the first few teams Ash had were kind of underpowered. Yeah Ash had Charizard on his first team, but most of that time it didn't listen to commands. Makes it kind of worthless. Pidgeotto was okay but by the time he got Pidgeot he then essentially set it free.

    Of course in a world where people are now seemingly running around with mega evolutions, Ash has yet to actually use one of them even though he has several potential candidates. The closest he has is the Ash Greninja thing....which conversely we haven't seen this from anyone at all.
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    Forums are sites were people can voice their own opinions about how they feel.

    They already plan out Ash's Johto team for the Johto saga and his team was kinda good because it hardly needed any evolutions. Cyndaquil wasn't supposed to evolve in the first place and the only reason why Cyndaquil did in fact evolve in Sinnoh was because Dawn had a Cyndaquil and most likely they didn't want two Cyndaquil's running around so they decided to evolve Ash's instead so we can tell it apart from Dawn's. As for Ash's Johto team being the weakest well that's just your opinion and if they were weak they wouldn't have been able to win battles.

    There wasn't anything for the writer's to improve on because Heracross was always a powerhouse so it didn't need any improvement, Phanpy was really good too despite being added to Ash's Johto team late in Johto and it didn't evolve until the Battle Frontier but that was a filler saga. Cyndaquil and Totodile were really cool in their base form and Bayleef was okay aswell.

    I'm surprise the writer's didn't bring up Bulbasaur evolving again, even though Bulbasaur stated it wasn't ready to evolve yet and i wonder if they will ever bring up Bulbasaur's evolution again.
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