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Aromatisse / Seismitoad EX


Truth or Ideals? It's all Black and White to me

  • 2 Florges EX
    3 Spritzee FF 67
    2 Aromatisse XY 93
    1 Keldeo EX
    1 Klefki FI 73
    2 Xerneas XY 96
    1 Xerneas EX
    2 Seismitoad EX

  • 4 N
    3 Professor Juniper
    2 Professor Birch's Observations
    1 Colress
    2 Lysandre
    3 VS Seeker
    2 Startling Megaphone
    3 Max Potion
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Pokemon Fan Club
    1 Dowsing Machine
    4 Fairy Garden
    1 AZ
    3 Muscle Band

  • 10 Fairy Energy
    1 Double Colorless Energy

Okay, what counters fairies? Steel. Thats the first and simple answer
Yet, steel is not played in my area and is no where near popular.
In essence, that leaves a few other threats to the deck, being flareon, night march, seismitoad (a bit), and garbodor.

What messes with flareon, and night march? Seismitoad.
What messes Garbodor? A heavy startling megaphone line and a low reliance on abilities (hence Florges EX)
What counters the popular seismitoad decks? Florges and Seismitoad Tank decks.

So in essence, this is designed to have a good overall matchup
Basic strategy:
1.start with anything but klefki or spritzee (Happens all the time :p)
2. Get a few energy in play
3. Hit hard with item lock (if facing night march, flareon, medicham, or anything else heavily item related)
Chip and shoot: Florges Muscle band + xerneas EX for that magical 170. Great against Yveltal decks

A few notable cards:
AZ: This card is a great max potion replacement when in need, but primarilly helps take a stupid water pokemon out of play so you can make your bench more pink :) and hit with florges
Professor Birch's observations: More draw support that also helps as a starter (unlike colress)
1 DCE: DCE's aren't really too helpful in fairy decks, but really can help power up xerneas EX or Seismitoad EX in one turn
Keldeo EX: Prevents all status conditions from doing too much harm abusing its rush in ability as well as fairy garden and aromatisse.

Plus, because its not so common for a fairy deck to run seismitoad, you also have the element of suprize on your side. Think of it: flareon ko's xerneas: you bench a toad, band it, and power it up with aromatisse and fairy garden. Catches them off guard because they likely discarded their leafeon already


Old School Player
A few thoughts for your consideration:

  • To enhance your chances of starting with a Xerneas, I'd suggest you run 4 (I do in my Gardevoir deck). I've found this to be quite helpful early game as I setup.

    The Aromatisse line are prime targets since these Poke are the key to the deck's "engine;" so, opponents most likely will target these. I've found a Lysandre's Trump Card to be quite helpful in the recovery and recycling of needed resources.

    Despite the fact your Klefki will boost your Poke's Resistance, does it really make that much difference (over lots of game against M decks) to warrant a card slot? After all, Klefki is a low HP, bench-warming Poke that can be easily 1HKOd. Also, with only 1 copy, you would lose that protection advantage.

    With the release of Primal Clash and the popularity of some of the set's G-weak Poke, Leafeon (PLF) has come back as a solid counter to those decks, Toads, and basically any deck that "stockpiles" energy.

    Btw, I run Garbodor in my Yveltal-Seismitoad deck (which is quite common); so, if I do start with a Toad and a DCE and Quaking Punch you early game game; then I have a GOOD chance of getting my Garb setup in order to shutdown Aromatisse. 2 Startling Megaphones are helpful, but most Garb players I know run 5-7 Tools... Your starting with your Seismitoad and possibly Quaking Punch'ing an opponent early would be helpful, IMO.