Armarouge ex, Golisopod ex, Illustration Rares, and More from “Ancient Roar” and “Future Flash” Revealed!

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A new batch of cards has just been revealed from Ancient Roar and Future Flash! The set will release in Japan on October 27th. In English we should get these cards in November’s Paradox Rift.
Thanks goes to JustInBasil and Toine L. for the translations!
Toedscool – Grass – HP50
Basic Pokemon
[G] Sticky Spore: Attach a Basic [G] Energy from your hand to 1 of your Benched Pokémon.
[G][C] Vine Strike: 30 damage.
Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1...

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Altaria would be better if it had free retreat.
I wish they would print another good golisopod.l it's been so long since the gx.
Even with the ability and a full bench of mice the mouse family still can't ko a zard or even a Gardi without modifiers, what a shame. Still gonna make the mice deck though.
Armorouge ex- is looking pretty decent looks like the same numbers as Dialga Vstar and we all know how powerful that can get with the amount of energy you put on it.

Golisopod and Altaria ex- Sadly not very good to be honest

Moushold ex - that ability is pretty decent if you can get a good amount of them in play, and maybe can use rocky helmet to add even more damage on top of that.

And is that a Counter Catcher Reprint, looks like we will now have item gust back to go with our Boss's we play
I just built a Charizard ex deck thinking they wouldn't make another good Fire type Pokémon anytime soon... I was clearly wrong. I knew there was an Armarouge ex coming but didn't think it would be this good. High damage potential plus a great ability? I think it's going to be a really good card. It may not see the usage or success Charizard is seeing but I still think there's some Decks that will come from this. With some decent ways to play lots of Fire Energy in the format right now I think it'll see a decent amount of usage.
I don't know if anyone has noticed, but they made a Golisopod that can retreat to the bench after attacking at the same time they "reprinted" a "Poké Doll", as well as giving us a Espathra that becomes completely inmune the turn it evolves. Right now we've Mimikyu V, though, which can even be reused with Penny.
Toedscruel: insanely good in control. Only downside is that it doesn't stop Super Rod. Interesting nonetheless.

Magby: all the babies so far have been just short of being decent, but this one might have a use, if being damaged includes Lost Mine.

Armarouge: actually not bad. Taking 80 less at full HP is a godsend, effectively making it 340HP, which only those who hit the water weakness are gonna OHKO it. Also these will be our 6th and 7th Charcadet printings.

Golisopod: maybe??? The 170/retreat for 1 is not bad at all, but Lightning is a very common weakness to have, so it's 50/50 for me.

Vaultin' Veluza: another Pokemon that doesn't evolve or get any rule box cards to make it interesting. Lost a real one today.

Altaria: I'm mixed on this one. On one hand, Elegant Heal and an attack that effectively is Big Parasol is not half bad, but 140 seems low considering we're getting up into the 300's for HP now, so two-shoting 280 doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

Maushold: if that ability includes the Tandemaus the Maushold evolves from, now that's a lotta damage.

Espathra: it's just ok

Counter Catcher: a staple of mill and control decks for years. An absolutely nuts card.

Snorlax Doll: please tell me that's a typo and it isn't completely useless.
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Counter Catcher: a staple of mill and control decks for years. An absolutely nuts card.
Except no one plays it nowadays.

Flittle/Espathra - nah. 2/2
Toedscool/Toedscruel - decent counter to Chein-Pao in other decks. 2/3
Magby - out of the baby Pokemon we have rn, this might be the worst. 2
Veluza - another budget Exp. Share, oh well. 3
Wimpod/Golispod ex - just why?! 1/1
Charcadet/Armorouge ex - with Path, and lack of decent Fire energy accel, bulkiness theme was just a concept, not an output. Magma Basin cancels out the ability. 2/3
Snorlax Doll: please tell me that's a typo and it isn't completely useless.
Nothing is typo. Translators accurately translate stuff with no errors. Nothing is typo here.
Snorlax Doll - 3. Act as a 5th basic.
Tandemaus/Maushold ex - seems mid, ngl. 2/3
Swablu/Altaria ex - why tho? small basics will do better than this one. 2/2-3
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Veluza might be good in GLC. A card that not only makes great use of rain dance, but also keeps energy on the board when it's knocked out is very nice.
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Not very practical, but with Snorlax Doll you can make a deck with 0 Pokemon? Which is even more hilarious in Expanded with Lillie's Poke Doll and Robo Substitute.