Arcanine 274's Food Fight Team!

Arcanine 274

Well since everybody else is starting there team so let's go ahead and create my own team!
Here are the rules V

Now if you are already in a team, it doesn't matter.  You can betray, or still be on their team.  But, if you are still on their team, then you have to be able to attack them.  Or if you can persuade that team to join this then that's okay too;).  

Okay since it is basically our team, we will all decide on our team name.  But, it has to have something to do with Arcanine in it. Such as,

1) Arcaforce
2) Bloodnine
3) Arcanels

I know they aren't that great, but we'll make a good name.

We will also make up our own food, and I will take all suggestions, as long as they are good ones.  Right now, all food is available to all members, but as we go only those with Ranks (explained later) will get certain items.  But, we will still have many great foods.

Here's our foods right nowV

1) Frog-legs
2) Moldy Popcorn
3) Half-melted Chocolate Bar
4) Cow tails
5) Gum-drops

And many more coming soon!

Member Privelages:

As we start to get into our Food Fighting War, I will award the Members of our team Ranks depending on their Dedication to our Team and activity in the Game.

Here are the RanksV

1) Highest Rank:  Leader (Me)
2) Second Highest Rank: Burst Mate
3) Third Highest Rank: Streamers (3 of these)
4) Fourth Highest Rank: Macortenaunts (5 of these)
5) Fifth Highest Rank: Mivants (10 of these)

Now i know the names are supposed to sound weird, but they seem funny to me.  And, plus this is supposed to be fun, so why not funny Rank names?  And, they are honors that I will award the Member in the thread so everyone can congratulate them.  

So if you feel like joining, come on and join.  We'll be happy to have ya.  Thanx

1) Arcanine 274 (Leader)
2) Crazy Weavile
3) ShadowX

Arcanine out.

Crazy Weavile

I'm back!
I'm disbanding my team and joining this one. I'll hand out weapons, you add me and my members, PLUS aid Cute-Mew (We have an alliance).