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    I stopped playing around team rocket returns and found some old decks I had made. I had an old team aqua, team magma and dark dragtrode deck. Now I know these cards are "too old" to use anymore and from doing research, the only real eternal format is expanded which only goes back to black and white? That would make these cards pretty much unusable unless its for fun, but even then the power creep that happened is ridiculous and wouldnt stand a chance. I recently looked into making an expanded deck to play with during between MTG games or just randomly if I ever see anyone playing that I'll probably post later, and its the first real attempt at making a modern pokemon deck since around 2004 or 2005.

    I was thinking what some oppinions were on selling some of these cards. I could get a good amount to and use it to get the remaining fetch lands I still need for my MTG commander deck, but a part of me still feels hesitant. I was always kinda attached to the old team aqua and magma decks and dark dragtrode was fun, but those team rocket cards are valuable now. Makes me even more mad that my old binder was stolen filled with ex era and older cards.

    Vileplume ex
    Dark tyranitar reverse holo spinning tail x2
    Rocket's sneasel ex
    Dark dragonite reverse holo
    Dark dragonite non holo
    Dark electrode reverse holo x2
    Rocket's admin
    VS seeker reverse holo (fire red leaf green. Torn since I know I can use it in expanded right?)
    R energy
    Team magma's groudon holo x4
    Team magma's claydol x3
    Team magma's aggron
    Team aqua's kyogre holo x3
    Team aqua's manectric x4
    Team aqua's Walrein x3
    Darkness energy x4 reverse holo x6 nonholo from ruby and sapphire
    Rocket's mewtwo first edition
    Rocket's mewtwo x2

    Any oppinions on these? I already sold some older cards I had, and these remain.

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