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The American versions of the “Hidden Potential Tins” have now been revealed! They will release on October 14th.




We previously revealed the European versions:




As posted last week, the American version will come with its V card, five booster packs, and...

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As someone who collects the tins, I wish we go back to the old design/the design Europe is getting. I wouldn't mind this one as much for storage wise if they didn't change it. This revision is smaller than the original (the original was a bit longer and you could fit cards in better with no extra space than this smaller design that leaves an unusable gap for cards unless you put coins or dice in it.) I feel this design takes up WAY too much space.


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You know, you can buy the older design tins on TCGPLAYER. You can look them up by typing "tin international version." None of the prices are very good at the momemt, I'm afraid, but I remember the prices for the V Strikers Tins being better in the past. The lack of any V Heroes or Divergent Powers tins in stock does not inspire much confidence, however. Perhaps if you look around closer to release you may be able to find them, however? Hope this helps.
EDIT: at first I was really excited about the new design, back when I got the PikaRom tin from Christmas, but now it's lost whatever charm it had for me and just looks weird. I understand where you're coming from. I may try getting the Gallade tin, since for some reason these tins feel a lot like older, Diamond and Pearl era tins (minus the contents), probably due to the pattern and color pallet.