'Alolan Marowak-GX Box' in May!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jan 9, 2019.

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    I see the gx attack being used to get rid of someone’s Giratina loop, as well as having a well timed attack be able to take multiple prizes while playing against a single prize attacker deck.

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    That part I agree with you 100%. The Pokemon company should plan themed version products like it was done with generation/Shining legends and Dragon majesty, all packs from current set release. Some of full art or secret rares from each set could be used to promote collection box that way it would be a little bit easier to finish set. For example Evolutions, I know so many people done with that set and don't want to see booster packs from that set in newer products. But I would love to see Mega Charizard full art EX from Evolutions and let's say I would be ok if they included like 6-8 Evolution packs may be a pin or just the full art card and packs, same could be done with Dragonite EX full art and etc. Same thing for Steam Siege, why they just can't print more and make Steam Siege Gardevoir-EX secret rare box and only include 8 Steam siege packs. I would love to buy that product just to get the cards I don't have in my collection. That also can be done with the new set and The Pokemon company don't need to mix random set packs in the new set, it really takes away in the themed mood, I get they try to slowly get rid of spare stock mass printed sets but there is a better way and should implement this because the rate they print new cards and new sets come out with over 150-200 cards it is really hard to keep up and finish the set, this would help a little bit.
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    Exciting for collections , a beautifull card , I don't think it's playable though.
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    I wouldn't say you have to be caught up with new sets if you're a collector, it's a matter of knowing what to buy and when. For instance, if you're a collector? Don't buy Jirachis from Team Up. Don't buy anything meta relevant unless you KNOW it's just going to go up in price (COUGH stupid computer search COUGH). Wait for them to fall out of relevance or rotate, when they go down to 3 bucks an ultra because they overprint cards to oblivion. You can get nearly every XY era ultra rare for dirt cheap nowadays because all the meta relevant ones have fallen down in price. Singles are always the way to go and I think that even if you're not caught up with sets, if you stick to singles you can pretty much complete what you need to.

    I don't think exclusively buying products, in your sense would make it much easier honestly. A box with 8 packs and that SR Gardy would be 40-50 dollars, where that Gardy is a $4 single. I agree that more recent packs WOULD be a good option in the case that you buy products, but maybe because I exclusively buy singles nowadays it doesn't bother me as much. Products were never a good value in the first place unless you got them on sale. But yes, like you said, newer sets would be optimal for those who would like to buy them.

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