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Ah, still no V's of any of them (except that one random Regirock), I'll be over there crying in the corner😭


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Ignoring the viability of the Regis, what comp would provide the best balance to get all 5 (6 including -gigas) on the field without screwing up your draws? Because 4 copies of each would definitely not be a good time.


Ignoring the viability of the Regis, what comp would provide the best balance to get all 5 (6 including -gigas) on the field without screwing up your draws? Because 4 copies of each would definitely not be a good time.

My starting point is probably going to be 3 Regidrago EVS, 3 Regigigas, 2 Regieleki EVS, and 2 each of the new Hoenn Regis, with 4 Ultra Ball, 4 Quick Ball, and 1 Hisuian Heavy Ball which I think is REALLY good in this deck. I'd love to get VIP Pass or even Great Ball involved but I'm not so sure there's space, unfortunately. Heavy might mean we can get away with 1 copy of Regice, which I don't ever forsee attacking.

Then your supporter lineup, which is going to need to be thick draw because you're not going to have any support like Crobat V/Lumineon V/Cinccino/Bibarel etc, so something like 4 Professor's Research, 4 Marnie, couple of Raihan, maybe a Zinnia's Resolve or two as a backup, and then 2-3 Boss's Orders, maybe a Klara, likely with 1 Pal Pad and some Pokegear.

Then you'll play Scoop-Up Nets for pivoting purposes, which also allow you to re-use the same Regigigas in a turn to get another attacker set up so you don't need to re-play another Net on the following turn. I would love to play 4, but it's probably a space concern again. You might be able to get away with a couple of Snorlax for turn 1-2 with them as well? Hard to say. I probably won't start with that but I could see trying it.

If Klara's not involved, you'll likely be on a couple of Ordinary Rod to get back your lost Regi pieces instead (or they're both here), and then a decent Stadium count because you can't afford to let Collapsed Stadium stick. Jubilife Village could be a good candidate for this since you're probably not going to have the nuts attack turn 1, so you can take the time to get a fresh 5 cards if you want and it gives you something to do if you whiff; we'll have to see if we get anything else that might help here.

Then in addition I think at least 3 Choice Belt is probably a mandatory count to make the damage numbers get to where you need them to be, to be taking down VSTARs with Drago and VMAXes with Gigas, as well as letting Regirock get at Big Charm'd Arceus. You can use Regieleki EVS's two 40-snipes to help with this as well.

You're probably on a generous Energy count to make sure you can both get into them and then discard them. Since Regigigas can accelerate Specials we're free to play 4 copies of Aurora Energy to cover whatever attack we want to use that isn't Gigas, probably with a couple extra copies of Grass and Fire, maybe a Fighting, then 2-3 Twin and 2-3 Powerful Colorless to make Gigas a lot more threatening and useful when it's not going into VMAXes.

Now all of this is definitely going to put us north of 60 cards, so with some painful cuts, we're at something like:

Pokemon (13)
3 Regigigas ASR
3 Regidrago EVS
2 Regieleki EVS
2 Regirock ASR
2 Registeel ASR
1 Regice ASR

Supporters (13)
4 Marnie
4 Professor's Research
2 Boss's Orders
2 Raihan
1 Klara

Items (19)
4 Quick Ball
4 Ultra Ball
3 Scoop Up Net
2 Pokegear 3.0
1 Hisuian Heavy Ball
1 Ordinary Rod
1 Pal Pad
3 Choice Belt

Stadiums (3)
3 Jubilife Village

Energy (12)
4 Aurora Energy
3 Powerful [C] Energy
2 Twin Energy
1 Grass Energy
1 Fire Energy
1 Fighting Energy


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This is just the kind of gimmick I like to see with a Regigigas. Regidrago looks pretty cool too. It's a bit funny to me because the previous Regidrago card was also good.


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As a result of this Regieleki – "why does the fastest Pokémon have such a high retreat cost?" – I have gotten into some absurd arguments online about whether a Pokémon's in-game speed stat influences its TCG retreat cost – with me giving examples of how it doesn't, and people insisting it obviously does. (I was of the firm belief HP informed retreat cost.)

An interesting thread starts here and I encourage those interested in TCG esoterica to read the entire thing and observe the charts @FossilJockMatt made to get an idea of the context of the following;

EDIT: Prism Stars were also excluded.

There is no apparent statistically significant trend supporting the idea that speed is determined exclusively as a function of either speed or retreat cost. The R² values are simply too low to support either hypothesis. Is it possible that speed and/or HP of the factors that influences it? Yes, but then the onus is on you to crunch the numbers (and without falling into p-hacking..)

So no it is not at all weird Regieleki has a retreat cost of 3, despite having an in-game speed stat of 200, because either (1) speed is not the only thing influencing retreat, or (2) speed does not influence retreat at all. Thanks for coming to my ted talk!
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