All “Triplet Beat” Secret Rares!

Yeah, I keep seeing people saying how good they look, but they're just another lazy 3d render. It got old after Sun and Moon.
They should just replace the ultra rare with the illustration rare at this point. Most times when I pull a normal ultra-rare gx/v/ex I'm always thinking how much I would have preferred to get the alternate art card instead. Don't get me wrong, it's always exciting to get a nice rare full-art card but the illustration rares are always more satisfying to pull.
Dennis has come for your wallets.

Your wallets shall be empty as penance.

(Those Boss's Orders cards are fire.???)
WAIT one damn second ... don't tell me SV FAs are outlined in ...TEAL!! I thought we moved past these atrocious design offenses when S&M block ended! If SwSh did anything right it was the FAs, why ruin the consistently best subtype of cards in a set by pointlessly intersecting every art with a non-neutral dissonant color once again! Unless thats a trick of the light caused by the scanning process, terrastal FAs with their heavier uniformity will be the only ones worth collecting a full group of each set, thats so lame, why cant we have nice things!!!