All “Battle Region” Cards Revealed: New Hisuian Pokemon Debut!

Not only is it awful art, it's...heatran. One of the least liked legendaries and one of the worst shinies. People used to get stoned for this buffoonery...
This is my opinion and all but,
1. I love the art on this thing
2. Heatran best legendary
3. The card is like good???
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Idk what yall are so excited about, I am excited because we now have an insane amount of stuff for control...
Hisuian Decidueye V – Fighting – HP220
Basic Pokemon

[F] Mountain Hunt: Search your deck for up to 2 cards and put them into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.
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One thing I didn't like is that Basculin has "hisuian" in it's name, but it's just white-striped form :T
Random translation thing, but Hisuian Typhlosion's VSTAR Power should probably be "Heat Haze Star", "Ephemeral Star", or something along those lines; the Japanese name is "Kagerou Sutaa", not "Kage Rousutaa", so basically anything but "Shadow Roaster" :p
One thing I didn't like is that Basculin has "hisuian" in it's name, but it's just white-striped form :T
I thought the same thing too, but apparently it is officially a Hisuian form but is also referred to as "White-Striped" in order to tie it back to Basculin's original classification
Some of the arts are gorgeus, I hope CHR and CSR to be nice as well. Look how amazing Misdreavus artwork is this, by Akira Egawa. Probably one of the best arts for this Pokémon.

Does Hisuian Typhlosion VSTAR require the number of damage counter to be EXACTLY four? Or was that a mistranslation? This is very important, because if four is just a minimum, it could be a strong partner for Shadow Rider Calyrex V MAX as it is far more cost-effficient than Whimsicott Star and meshes well with Calyrex V's attack.
EDIT: the other sources I checked, Serebii and JustInBasil, say exactly 4.I
P.S. That Sparkling Heatran looks better than I would expect it to. In the games Shiny Heatran is almost unrecognizable from normal Heatran, but here, you can not only tell that it's shiny (the orange-red pops more), but it also looks as nice as Hawlucha. Also, nice to see a mixture of abstract and landscape backgrounds. Giving Sparkling Greninja a more sophisticated illustration was a smart move since we already have two shiny Greninja, both of which have abstract backgrounds. The crosshatching also looks nice. Am I the only one getting Minecraft vibes while looking at it?
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