All ‘VMAX Climax’ Secret Rares Revealed!

Gold cards are as follows:

Pikachu Vmax
Mew VMax
Ice Rider Calyrex VMax
Shadow Rider Calyrex VMax
Duraludon VMax
RS Urshifu VMax
SS Urshifu VMax
Rayquaza VMax
Well choke my goats with Ovaltine! I was wrong about Vaporeon not getting a CHR print!

Other than that I was right to some extent, we got reprints of some Supporters in the form of FAs (but not Rainbow Rares) some feature characters that weren’t represented in FA form (Prof. Juniper, Lysandre, and Mustard when he was Champion). The one thing I wasn’t expecting (and somewhat jealous of) was that the black-and-colored-lined VMAXes would go beyond Pikachu VMAX.
It was so hard to decide which one of these was my favorite, but seeing that Umbreon VMAX done by my favorite artist kawayoo made it easy haha:cool:
Wait,Sonia got Zapdos?
Also why Bugsy has Orbeetle and not Beedrill?

These cards are amazing but there's a lot of confusion lol.
That confirms SWSH will have their own subset in 2022 because IDK how will they shoehorn these banging cards. Also, Brilliant Stars says there will be 6 FA Supporters that means 3 of them will be in the set proper, those will be Gloria, Aceola, and Cafe Master. (Maybe I should delete Hau 3.0 in the partial set list)
Oh, finally! Actually good photos of the missing cards without a giant name slip taking up 1/3 of the card, taken with a potato quality phone in terrible lighting. Just for 20 minutes of fame. (Or a day of useless infamy?) Seriously. Who does that?

Anyway. I'll forego the glaring issue of the overabundance of ""secret"" rares and just say that there's a lot of gorgeous artwork in these cards. Lots of Johto love, it seems, which is appreciated. And a lot of creative situations and pair ups. Too many favorites to say one is my top favorite.
Is it kinda weird that we don’t have any Sinnoh focused characters in all of this? Seeing as that’s going to be the focus for next year with Legends Arceus? Not to mention the D/P remakes we just got….
I think this will be a crowd pleasing set honestly, I mean there are different styles and pokemon for everyone.

still hoping that alt full art erika might make an appearance in the english version of this set
That Corviknight looks straight out of Ghibli, and the cabby seems pretty happy to somehow get to gigantamax it.