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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by dcevans89, Jan 14, 2021.

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    Fair warning, Im 31 and havent collected Pokemon cards in almost 20 years, and Idk if this is even the right place to post this lso just chuckle at this and call me a noob under your breath if you want, but somebody help me out lol.

    My 7 year old son is now collecting Pokemon cards. For Christmas i got him a Charizard Champions Path set. In that set he got a Charizard V and a Charizard GX. They didnt have the extra letters or "secret rare" etc classifications 20 years ago so Im lost here, but Im pretty sure they were as basic a V and GX that they could be. Anyway, he took them to school and traded them to his friend for a (used/slightly worn) secret rare mega charizard ex and a tag team (arceus & dialga & palkia gx).

    My question is, did he get the bad end of the deal here? And if so, why? Thanks.

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    Condition makes a huge difference on the value of a card, and assuming he got the right M Charizard EX (there's a black one with blue flames and there's an orange one. You want the black one), he received a card that TCGPlayer has one $500 listing for and that's if it's in mint condition. Used/worn it might only get $90. There are also 4 different Arceus Dialga Palkia cards (ADP for short), the most valuable of which is currently around $65 in mint condition.

    The Charizards he traded (insane luck to pull both, by the way) are each worth nearly $300, and I assume they'd be near mint if you pulled them yourself.

    What I see is he traded $600 for $150.

    On that note, TCPlayer is an invaluable resource for gauging the price of cards. I recommend you check it out.
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    On second thought it occurs to me that the regular Charizard V may have been the full art and not the shiny one? Currently that card runs for $10 in near mint condition, so he may have trade $300 for $150. Still a loss, but it hurts less.
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    So after doing more research and trying to figure out what he had, he actually traded away a Charizard V promo card from that ETB, and the Charizard GX came from the Charizard deck in the Pokemon Battle Academy he also got for Christmas. So it looks like he actually traded away 2 new cards worth a total of less than half what the used EX he got in return is.

    Thanks for the help, realizing that there were different versions of each of those cards really threw me off lol. Either way he's happy and excited about what he got.
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    Glad to know you’re son didn’t get ripped off! I almost had a heart attack readings this post!
    And yes, numerous versions of the same card tends to be a core part of the Pokémon TCG at the moment, so for future reference, I’d advise looking up the value of anything that feels different... or that has the name Charizard... just to be sure. It’s not the end of the world because in most cases the Ultra Rares (including most prominently but by no means limited to EX’s GX’s and V’s) aren’t worth more than a few dollars, but if there is anything about the card that feels different from just run-of-the-mill commons uncommons and standard Rares, it never hurts to check.
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    Ah that's good to hear! My dumb brain read "GX" as "VMAX" and I was so sorry for you haha. I did make a lot of assumptions I guess. Non-full-art/non-rainbow Charizard GXes are all pretty cheap so it does indeed look like your son made a really good trade!

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