Discussion A Random list of previous meta (or at least really hyped up) decks for your viewing pleasure.

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Lord Goomy, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Lord Goomy It’s the Beast Game.
    Lord Goomy


    Spoiler alert: some of these may be still being played a whole bunch, and some might have never existed. If there’s anything I forgot, please tell me.

    Gardevoir GX
    Lucario GX/Lycanroc GX
    Shiftry GX/Zoroark GX
    Dusk Mane Necrozma GX/Magnezone
    Tapu Koko GX (I don’t know, everyone in our league was playing it at some point)
    Necrozma GX/Metagross GX
    Drampa GX/Garbodor
    Espeon GX/Garbodor
    Ho-oh GX/Salazzle GX (why was that good?)
    Alolan Ninetales GX GRI
    Noivern GX
    Greninja GX/Zoroark GX
    Kingdra GX (the hype around it was serious, at least)

    So, do you think anyone would be surprised if somebody whipped out Gardevoir and took the world by storm? Why isn’t Garbodor back to the party? What happened to all these ancient archetypes? Why isn’t the meta back then still the meta now? And, the biggest question of them all, are any of these still good?

    Thanx in advance.

  2. Jayfeather Brigitte One Trick


    From what I can tell, all of these were either too slow or inconsistent, but here’s my opinion on each deck

    1. Gardevoir. Before Alolan ninetales, it was too inconsistent in getting its rare candy unlike quick and easy stage 1 decks like Zoroark.
    2. People stopped playing it when malamar came out, but I think it’s still a very solid deck even though no one uses it.
    3. Idk what happened to this, maybe because you couldn’t play cards after the copycat or judge.
    4. Blacephalon
    5. I’ve never seen this card see play until Rayquaza GX and Zeraora GX, but I’m not super competitive so maybe I haven’t seen enough decks.
    6.2 energy types in a stage 2 deck with no draw engine is a little inconsistent.
    7. Buzzwole
    8. Garbodor with ability lock rotated so it became a worse version of Zoroark garbodor
    9. Zeraora/quagsire scares people out of playing this deck I think.
    10. I don’t know why this isn’t being played. It could we good with quagsire/naganadel.
    11. This worked before?
    12. Decidueye is a way better partner because it’s guaranteed damage every turn
    13. Same thing with Alolan Ninetales, this should be played, especially with quagsire and naganadel.
    I think all of these deck are good, but because of new cards that are better/counters to those decks, they lose their tier 1 status. Also, why play an old deck when you can play something new and flashy?
  3. Wechselbalg


    A Gardevoir variant won Roanoke regionals though so I guess it's still good?

    People don't play Garbodor right now because it doesn't really have a suitable partner in the current Standard card pool apart from Zoro and Zoro has better partners now that Garb can't do ability lock.

    Koko never really was a thing.

    Zoroark/Shiftry was super inconsistent with its strategy (stage 2 that needs 2 manual attachments one of which is a DCE plus having to use either copycat and judge before attacking was too much even with Zoroark) so it never took off.

    Metagross died a long time ago and it will stay dead until Blacephalon is meta=until the time it rotates.

    Without special charge A. Ninetales is bad plus its GX attack became irrelevant as 210 is very easy to hit now.

    Ho-oh/Salazzle was never good idk why people played it to begin with.

    Noivern is bad with the 2 different energy requirement and it's a stage 1 with a fragile basic so its item lock is kinda weak. Also has a bad weakness.

    Greninja/Zoroark was never good begin with.

    Kingdra-GX...ehhh, a stage 2 that needs 3 stage 1 lines to get going and there are also some grass attackers in the meta.
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  4. Lord Goomy It’s the Beast Game.
    Lord Goomy


    Well, I’m not as active past ULP than I was before ULP. Perhaps I’m just nostalgic?
  5. Matux Aspiring Trainer


    Zygarde/Lycanroc is also something that disapeared but I think it's not bad at all.
  6. OppositeAttract Aspiring Trainer


    I never thought anybody believed Kingdra would be good, Reshiram sure, but not Kingdra it just felt really inconsistent and not good enough as a stage 2.

    IMO Shiftry/Zoroark could be decent, with A.Ninetales. However, not sure it's better than A.Ninetales other partners to warrant its play.
  7. Jayfeather Brigitte One Trick


    I was really hyped for kingdra...
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  8. JumpluffTCG Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Wait but isn't this an entire thread about dead archetypes?

    Reminder that some people wanted Garbodor banned when GRI came out and now look at where it is.
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  9. Wechselbalg


    The shared grass weakness makes it pretty bad, especially because of Jumpluff or even A. Exeggutor.
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  10. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    The people who wanted it banned were people who didnt know how to adjust. However garbodor can always be a threat even now people are forgetting its existence and playing decks with 20 plus items garb can make a comeback at any time and it's still relevant In expanded.
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  11. JumpluffTCG Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I'm talking in reference to standard where, ever since the whole Shrine of Punishments hysteria died out a month or so into the rotation, Trashalanche has fallen off the radar. Like anything else, it can always come back, but with the way things are currently looking here and in Japan, I don't think that's a statement that can be refuted. Obviously Garbodor is still relevant in expanded with the support of Garbotoxin and item cards like Battle Compressor/Ace Specs/VS Seeker/whatever in the format. Point of my post and this thread is that no matter how dominant or oppressive something seems to be at a certain moment, you never know if it's going to even be half as relevant a year later, or if it's even played at all by the time it rotates.

    And agreed on people wanting X banned are generally people that aren't very good (putting it bluntly). Pokemon has made it very clear they prefer to let the game grow, have rampant power creep, and only drop the hammer on things that can "prevent the opponent from playing the game."
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