Wi-Fi Trades 3DS Friend Code and Pokémon X / Y Friend Safari Registry

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Hello ^^

Forum Username: Vienix
Friend Code: 1993-6900-8556
3DS Games You Play: ACNL, XY

Please PM me if you add me so I can add you back
I don't know what I have on my Safari yet...

My Safari is Water-type: Azumarill, Gyarados, Bibarel
Forum Username: BexxiJade
Friend Code: 3969 5036 8150
3DS Games You Play: Pokemon X

Just got a 3DS and need friends! My friend safari is DARK and the pokemon so far are Pawniard and Cacturne.
PM me when you add so I can ad you back
Forum Username: safariblade
Friend Code: 2122 6488 5373
3DS Games You Play: Pokemon X, SSB3DS, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, KH3D

(Also added a bunch of ya'll who are old friends)
Forum Username: Honn
Friend Code: 1848 2115 2628
3DS Games You Play: XY

*For Pokemon Safari List*

Username: Ollie
In-game name(s): Ollie
Type and pokemon (if known): Flying: Hawlucha ?? ??

If you add me, send a pm with your friend code and I'll add back :)
Forum Username: goalkarl
Friend Code: 3797-7046-7862
3DS Games You Play: Pokemon X

Will add 5 most recent pages as well add back please :D
Forum Username: Guradon
Friend Code: 0001-3434-4814
3DS Games You Play: Pokemon X
Friend Safari: Electric

I need a Water Safari with the two starters, does anyone have such a safari?
FC Rick 3652 1730 7382

Playing Y.

Feel free to add me for Friend Safari, but if you do so please send me a PM so I can add you as well

EDIT: My Friend Safari is Psychic, with Espurr, Girafarig en Munna in it.
Hi, up for battles and trades :D

Forum Username: J31

Friend Code: 0104-0119-2908

3DS Games You Play: Pokemon Y
Hi Guys!

My name's Stephen - looking to add more people to my friend safari list so please feel free to add me! My code is 0259-0528-9162 - PM me your codes or tweet me them @StephenJarve and we can expand our safari numbers. 3 people I know have caught shiny Pokemon in my Safari so far.

Cheers guys!
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