24-Hour 'Sword & Shield' Livestream To Reveal New Information

cant determine if those owl noises are part of generic bird soundtrack or related to a pokemon (galarian hoothoot)
COME ON ALREADY! It’s been three and a half hours since the last Pokémon actually appeared. It wasn’t even anything new!
Sirfetch'D got a glitched picture on the website, apparently Galar Ponyta got a full 24 hours live cam video, I gonna guess that Galar Lapras or Maxilapras or whatever Lapras get it gonna be a entire week of some kind of sonar or something
I'll be disappointed if all this buildup is for a galar form, and only one at that.

What a massive letdown....
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Galarian rainbow-unicorn Ponyta for sure!!!

No idea why my pic isn't showing but: https://imgur.com/OXFA1t3


I heard something at 6:16 central time.

Not privy to a lot of Pokemon noises. But will confirm it is 100% not Jynx
This is like an alternative of bird watching only we do for animated creatures xD. Really loving community collective experience.
Pokémon X my little pony confirmed? Lol magic did a crossover with MLP or something like that.
What’s the chance this whole broadcast was just for the Galarian ponyta and we only get two Pokémon out of this of this being ponyta and impidimp (since imp wasnt fully revealed)
I swear if this is just buildup to a galarian ponyta im going to be pretty unhappy, as I was expecting A LOT more from this. Likely pokemon just getting revenge for all the criticism they have gotten for the last 8 months.
I want the end to reveal a swsh pokemon coming to smash bros.. Or for Pokémon X smash bros. to be hinted