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After skipping a year, the Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest has now returned!
This year the contest will be open to additional countries beyond Japan and the United States, including the U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The last contest in 2022 was the first to include the United States.
The theme of this year’s contest is to draw artwork capturing “Magical Pokemon Moments.” This can encompass the Pokemon enjoying a moment in its day, or showing the Pokemon looking cool or dynamic.
One of the following Pokemon can be feature in each submission: Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee, Feraligatr, Flygon, Absol...

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could international players use vpn's to sneak their way into the contest LMAO
Imagine how sad it would be if a player who snuck in by this method was asked to be an illustrator and spent an entire career living a lie, always afraid that someone would find out, never sharing accomplishments with friends, hiding that master set of self-illustrated cards from nephews and nieces who would tell the whole world “I’m related to a Pokémon card illustrator.”

This is the second year that new countries have been added to the list. I’m sure that more will continue to be added. The 2015 contest was opened to entire continents, and Pokémon seems to be slowly working back up to that. I’m surprised nobody has commented “Yes, now my friends from New Zealand have a shot at illustrating the game” (an opportunity the 2015 winners never seemed to receive).

I’m mainly disappointed that they won’t be printing three cards, but one grand prize winner and six additional cards from the finalist for each country was probably excessive. I would personally be excited to see a Flygon or an Absol, but the winner will be a fun piece of history to own regardless.


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I'm really happy to see them opening the contest to even more countries again. Giving more chances for fans in more parts of the world to fulfill their dream of illustrating an official card is always good. The Pokémon selection and theme are really interesting, too.

I can't wait to see all of the great art that'll come of this - The turnout is always amazing and I'm sure this year will be the most active it's ever been. I'll try my best to participate again this year. :)

Are these just gonna be in random sets or just special promos for those who did it?
For the previous contest, the three cards were available as promos that you could receive by spending a certain amount of money on other Pokémon products. You can see more details in this news story.

Not sure what sort of approach they'll take for this year's contest, but it doesn't seem likely to be announced in advance.


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Time to stop thinking that TPCi is really international. I'm really sick of the region lock exclusive selling behavior. It's 2023, why is it so difficult to get a hold of cards and promos in other languages?