Discussion 2019 EXP Hartford Meta?


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Thoughts on 2019 Hartford Meta this week ? Was zorotoad a "one shot wonder" or now the new expanded BDIF for this last expanded regionals? Top played I am expecting: Pikarom, Zorotoad, Archies. What else? Bees? Ray? CelebiVenusaur? Sleeper decks?


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I am not going to Hartford. I'll throw my hat in this:

- I think ZoroToad was a "one and done". Despite that we have now seen that Quaking Punch REALLY puts the screws to Archie's Blastoise, Archie's is seen more as the "safe deck to play in Regionals" now and has (finally) dislodges ZoroGarb for that spot that it's held onto for quite some time now. I think the only people playing will be netdeckers.

- I think Zoro / Golisopod-GX will be a play. It has a good shot against Archies, kills toad, and has a good matchup spread if you know what you're doing. That said, its a deck thats tough to construct perfectly for a Regional and it's tougher to make flawless plays with.

- PikaRom will still be the most played deck in Expanded, not sure if Pyroar will still be a problem for it or what.

- Stoutland Shock Lock is still a good play. Knock-Off Shock Lock is not a good play, but will be once Unbroken Bonds becomes legal.

- Celebi-Venusaur is still good. It has its flaws, but the new lists with Wobbuffet look really good.

- Hitmonchan / Wobbuffet. I think it's a solid tier-2 deck, it does have some disruptive merit, but deckspace is really tight and it HARD loses to ZoroToad. As long as it doesnt run into anything outside of hard-up aggro matchups, it'll be fine. But Regionals near the end of the season tend to run more obscure decks. Hitmonchan / Wobb comes off as either a really good idea or a really bad idea and I'm not sure where it sits.

- I think Lucario-GX need to be re-examined


It’s probably not going to be all that different from the last big event really. Probably a lot of archie’s, zorogarb, and zorotoad. Now you’ll also get some zoropod or even a 1-1 golisopod tech in zorogarb to help with the toad match up.