“Twilight Masquerade” Set Guide: Full Card List, Secret Rares, Cut Cards, Products, and More!

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We now have the full English set list for Twilight Masquerade!
Twilight Masquerade consists of 226 cards: 167 in the main set and 59 secret rares. This is eight cards more than Temporal Forces.
Our set contains every card from Japan’s Crimson Haze and Mask of Change, except for the three Illustration Rares of Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. They’ve been cut.


#107 Munkidori


#108 Fezandipiti...

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I like the Carmine Full art and Greninja SIR looks sick, pretty awesome illustration.
I like this set overall even with unfair stamp in it but let's see if it actually breaks the game.
I like this set overall even with unfair stamp in it but let's see if it actually breaks the game.
Unfair stamp already has a major balance point over Reset Stamp: Being only usable after one of your pokemon is knocked out means it can't delete your opponent's hand turn one starting them at a severe disadvantage. It's still a very strong card, of course, and is a standout Ace Spec in a format with many, but probably won't break the game. It's a better Roxanne that's harder to recycle.

also thank arceus legacy energy is in the same set as enhanced hammer
Why does the Tatsugiri prerelease promo not show the card image, and just the art?

Also this set I think turned out really well! When some of the first cards were revealed I was meh about it but there are many interesting interactions between cards! Also, the entire Ace Spec system is funny: You can pick any Ace Spec, but unless you are picking unfair stamp or prime catcher you are wrong. (In most scenarios)
I’m curious when Flamigo ex and Garganacl ex will become a thing in English, I was assuming they would be dumped into this set. I want to make my funny Garganacl ex deck lol
Being someone who’s into the TCG largely for the Full Arts/Illustrator rares and having Raifort as one of their favorite characters has been such a weird journey. I guess it’s nice to see her card releasing outside of it’s gym promo but also it’s funny seeing Lucian getting a full art before her in the same set. He doesn’t even go here…