“Trick or Trade” BOOster Packs Return for 2023!

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Update (9/4/23): The full set list can be found in this news story.
A new set of “Trick or Trade” BOOster packs will release on September 1st! Each bundle will cost $19.99.




The bundle will come with 50 booster packs, each featuring three Pokemon cards. Last year’s featured 40 packs. This is why the new price is $5 higher.
Last year’s Trick or Trade set was the first ever released. The set featured 30 cards, all of which...

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hoping for a drifloon (presumably the one released in asr or svi) in this set!
I enjoyed collecting this set last year, can’t wait to see which cards are chosen for the holos that may not have been that way originally, like Mismagius was last year.