“Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Sets Featuring Chien-Pao ex and Ting-Lu ex Officially Revealed!

Omg the Maushold and Dudunsparce arts!
Also, is Wo-Chien not going to be in these? I’d be surprised if they left them out. They have Chi-Yu in it
They haven't received all of the cards yet, so I'm assuming Wo-Chien will be in the sets.
Where is the fourth Runic Legendary ex? they only revealed 3 of them.

Super Rod returning is pretty good. Will no longer have to use Klara/Miriam

Iono - Basically an N/Marnie like reprint, definetely will be a staple Supporter.

Ting-Lu ex- Will need to be played with a spread card to get it's ability's full value.

Chien Pao ex - Gonna be great in water decks, ability is basically Capacious Bucket, especially with the new Bacxaliber

Chi Yu ex - A way to set up fire energy on the board while doing 100 damage. Not too bad

The Baxcliber line is gonna be amazing to get your water energy in play and can even work well with Chien Pao ex.

Squakibilly ex - Dedenne GX ability is back but worse, cause if you can't get it on the first turn of the game, it is useless.

Overall, this set definetely has more playable cards than Triple beat so far.
Selecting a waifu who will probably get multiple full arts for their staple Supporter this gen... yeah, they know what they're doing. ?
Selecting a waifu who will probably get multiple full arts for their staple Supporter this gen... yeah, they know what they're doing. ?
Yeah, cause they couldn't do that with Nemona being the draw 3, they had to compensate somewhere
I can see some possible cheese with Rabsca in expanded. Going Second, Turn 1 Wally with Dimension Valley for a free Stage 2 ex or GX, VMAX, or even Mega Pokémon if you're into that. Plenty of ways to get pokemon in the discard in expanded as well. And as far as expanded goes, a Stage 2 could mean Item Lock, Supporter Lock, Ability Lock, Draw support that never gets used because it's too expensive, and a colorful pallette of rain dancers to choose from. Very excited to make some fun decks with it.
Wait... Is Grusha's no-energy draw actually draw up to 7 cards, or is that just meant to be "draw until you have 7 cards", because those are VERY different.
Speaking of charm of courage, I'm aware Miraidon hasn't been doing great in JP tournaments but I wonder if this will be the card that turns the tides.
They do poorly against Mew decks. This will force Mew to find a vacuum + tablet + boss for the knockout. However Path Judge mew runs 3-4 vacuums. Other decks can just Arven into a tool jammer.
Rabsca's "Revival Prayer" is insane, right? ANY Pokémon from your discard pile onto your bench for 1 colorless? Am I reading that right?
It reads really good, but I think the struggle will be finding a pokemon that's worth playing the Rabsca line to get out. Earliest you can have that pokemon is the end of your second turn so I doubt it will see any play outside of a control style deck.
Revival blessing on a stage 1 pokemon is cracked, put any pokemon from your discard pile onto your bench
I hate Squawkabilly, but this card is a thing of absolute beauty. It helps any deck with a weak early game get off the ground without risk of bricking you for being your only basic, and it even intrinsically favors player 2 over player 1 in a game that has historically been less than balanced in regards to turn order. We've truly come a long way from Shaymin.

I'd be happy even if that were the most exciting card in the set, but it doesn't even come close. A control oriented fighting-type boss? Sign me up! Fire might not be a total embarrassment this block? Neat! Bucket on legs? Sweet! N and Marnie did the fusion dance?! Holy-

Not to mention that even the single prizers in this set are doing some gnarly things even if they aren't necessarily competitive.