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Alright, SO! For those keeping score:

- FA Professor Sada/Turo, Katy, and Miriam = kiss these sets (AND your wallets) goodbye, ESPECIALLY with Professor’s Research in particular being the famous engine it is!

- Special Art Rares of Supporters is one of the best things to ever happen to the TCG, I stand by that opinion with pride. I’m so, so thrilled that the artists continue to be given new ways to show off their talents!

- I was holding out to see if the FA Pokemon ex would follow the trend of either SM or SWSH, and I’m relieved to see that the SV FAs fall into the SWSH/XY style of FAs with actual unique backgrounds and patterns! (Seriously, the solid colors of SM were boring as all hell, that can’t be overstated.)

- KATO and OKACHEKE doing more FAs and SARs gives me indescribable joy. Nuff said.

OVERALL, this generation’s shake-up in the secret Rares department is a very welcome one indeed. I’m more excited that ever for future cards and artwork in the TCG!


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#105 Miriam - Let that be lesson for you. From now on, if you need to carry all those materials, get a Machamp!!!!

Will Penny be worth pennies? I would give pennies for a Penny. :D
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Oh my god I think I like full art D: Those tera, not regular coz they r still mid but Tera ex full art looks dope, but let’s wait to see them in good quality


Oh my god I think I like full art D: Those tera, not regular coz they r still mid but Tera ex full art looks dope, but let’s wait to see them in good quality
I have to admit, as an individual who despises 5ban, I like these ones, namely because they feel almost stylistically reminiscent of those old anime fighting games.


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These cards are stunning, happy for the new direction to including more art rare cards of random basic and uncommon pokemon and not just the RR cards and trainers. By the way that white contrast for terastal pokemon is great and happy for the xy era style full arts.


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Well, rainbow rares are finally gone, and I will not miss them. When alt arts were first announced for Tag Team GX's, I thought the logical conclusion was to replace rainbow rares as the third version ultra rare (because we definitely need that many tiers of ultra rares). But no, they kept them and slapped them onto full art Trainers in SwSh, completely defeating the purpose and appeal of them having nice artwork. It took about 4 years to finally get here.

Speaking of which, while they're leagues better than rainbow rare Trainers, I kind of don't see the point of the Trainer illustration rares being in the same set as the full arts, when they're essentially an alt art of an alt art. It's just a personal small nit pick, but it just seemed to make more sense to reserve these for special sets. But that being said, I do adore the simple graphic design look to Miriam's illustration rare!

And I know some people are incapable of giving them a compliment, but I have to say that 5ban Graphics did a fantastic job with the Terastallized Pokemon full arts. I don't care for the silly hats, in general, but at least with these two cards, they're not distracting. But more than that, I love how they give off this stylized, cell-shaded look. The simple crystal/white backgrounds and colored type sparkles, and then the sparkles on the physical cards... It all looks great to me!


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With rainbow rares gone I think I'd be very happy pulling any secret rare card, at least for this set. The artwork is ridiculously good. I wonder what pull rates for stuff like fullarts, secret rares, ex Pokémon etc will.be internationally with the new format of packs. And speaking of by holo do they mean 1 hold and 2 reverses? 2holos 1 reverse? Or all out either way? Curious to see


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Lucky enough arven won't be that expensive ^^
But the other waifu cards Miriam Sada and penny will prolly be expensive.

And wow that kingambit card looks incredible, but this whole set has really awesome art.