“Scarlet ex / Violet ex” Secret Rares! Rainbow Rares Gone, Special Illustration Trainers!

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The secret rares from Scarlet ex and Violet ex are now appearing on social media! The set officially releases in Japan this Friday. The cards from this set will become part of our Scarlet & Violet set on March 31st.
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“Scarlet ex” Secret Rares


#79 Dolliv (Illustration Rare)


#80 Armarouge (Illustration Rare)


#81 Wiglett (Illustration Rare)...

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It's really cool to see a similar trend to the TG series. They really added value in terms of experience when opening a pack. You may not always get what you want, but you would get something at the very least that was cool. If the trend continues through this series, I will be happy on one hand, but a little cautious on the other as while the TG cards flatline quick price wise (great for my wallet), this is not to say it will be the same for this lot.
Expect these Illustration Rares Rev Holo slots, as every special cards should be. So imagining pulling 2 Gardevoir ex in the same pack, one for SIR, and one for FA
If I'm using the Cosmic Eclipse set arrangement, I assume FA comes first then the special art rares, then the Gold cards.

That's my guess. But since ENG starting to adapt anything from Japan, I might be wrong
Have you met Hau before? Ofc the FA will come out in a later set. Typical rivals that draws 3 cards
Although, it would be really fitting for Nemona if they did what they did with Kukui and just went "hey, let's change it up this one time". Maybe Nemona could just be the new Leon? That's what she would want.
Did you just never see a Rainbow Rare Supporter in your life or something?
More than I'm comfortable with. I guess I meant like actual ones that look good and have better value.

Also glad I held off on prematurely redeeming 4 of the old Nest Ball secret rare on PTCGL, because I had a hunch we'd likely get another one, and I prefer this one.
I was alright with rainbow rares, but once they switched them to supporters it was over. Ruined the entire point of full art supporters. Alt art extending to supporters is much better.
Holo Rare obv
You're forgetting that there's an extra holo slot now.
Never know you might end up getting 2 Holo Rares at minimum. No regular rares anymore. So, 2 Holo Rares might be the new default + Rev Holo. Also, iirc, SV boosters still contains 10 packs. If TPC stated that there are 3 guaranteed holos. Meaning we might have 2 Uncommons, like we did in the E-card - ex sets? You know, 5 Commons, 2 Uncommon, a Rev Holo, and a Rare card. That makes 9 per pack.