“Incandescent Arcana” Set Featuring Alolan Vulpix VSTAR Officially Revealed!

We really didn’t need another shiny jirachi
I beg to differ, this is a hilarious meme card that I look forward to seeing included in Worlds-tier decks.
I love this new Braixen/Delphox, both in standard & expanded. In expanded you can use a Braixen as an attacker with DCE & Use the Delphox from XYbaseto draw until you have 6 every turn. As well as that battle compressor to throw away to be reused with VS seeker.
Not only is Kirlia just good but if you want to you can tech in an Astral Radiance Gallade that can search for a supporter once per turn. Pretty neat support pokemon line.
What the actual christ is this set? Why is it JUST fan service? Braxien CHR, Serena, Alolan Vulpix Vstar, another gardevoir CHR...tf? No, I'm genuinely confused. WHAT purpose does this set serve? I'm starting to think the TCG has slowly stopped caring about certain things and only focusing on fanservice more and more as time goes on. This is legitimately weird.
I'm not sure what to think about this Serena. It's a situationally better version of an already overpowered card. On the other hand it does "fix" some of the worst stuff about the format - how inconsistent it is due to insane speed (giving you another draw option on top of Boss), and how many matches are decided by a player Bossing a non-V and picking up the last prize. But that won't suddenly make 3-turn games a better experience.