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It would be nice if Scarlet & Violet reveals a steel type and a dragon type eeveelution, complete the tcg types.
(semi-spoilers for scarvi)
i am so sorry to let you know that no leakers have seen any eeveelutions. i would personally love a fight/rock duo or a flying/bug duo, but....no new ones seem to be added


it seems liks they're never gonna add another eeveelution, at least not for a while. there's no new ones in S/V :(
I'm firmly in the "they did all the types that were special prior to the gen 4 split" camp and they should not add only one more. either do multiple types at once or, hopefully, don't expand eevee's lineup.


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This has made me consider just buying the singles and maybe a neat frame for them rather than this collection
It's 99% almost always smarter to buy singles than products. There might be one or two instances where you see a big sale or get lucky or something, but singles are always the way to go. No risk, you get exactly what you pay for.

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on one hand, it is junk to me, I have all the promos, and there is only $40 worth of packs...

on the other, i bought all the tins, just for the promos... this would have been a deal to me.


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The typings they have left don't fit in for Eevee as bug/steel doesn't fit in with how Eevee is supposed to work, with stones and happiness and dragon isn't something a pokemon has splashed into.