“Cyclizar ex Box” Product Image Revealed!

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We now have the product image for the “Cyclizar ex Box,” which will release on May 5th for $19.99. Correction: The box will actually retail for $21.99, which means these boxes will see a $2 increase per TPCi’s previous announcement.


As we posted back in January, it will come with a Cyclizar ex promo card, a jumbo version of the same card, a holo version of Rotom from Scarlet & Violet, four booster packs, and a code card.
In Japan, Cyclizar ex was a promo card you could get out of promo booster packs when purchasing the ex Starter Decks...

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K but like these boxes are kinda ugly.... Like the cards and stuff are cool but the giant just great part really takes away from the whole feel. Wish we could get cool box art and not just stock art stuff but oh well ?
Ok I dunno if this is normal with Promos but I just bought mine and the weird "sparkle" effect it has in the foil looks so weird. Is that normal?
Edit: I am refering to Mimikyu ex, my bad. But I still find it pretty weird. Anybody knows if other promos had that?
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