“Clay Burst” Made-to-Order Booster Boxes Announced for Pokemon Center Website!

Is that card really worth the $2,000? Who triggered such demand? I doubt TPC played a role, but I have no doubt that certain celebrities influenced the spike in popularity (not sure who). Does anyone know who made a big fuss about Iono prior to its release?
I'm guessing that the trigger was Mimi's SAR spiking WAY over the bar. Somebody in Japan thought it's fair deal and here we are.
They haven't had an issue that sparked this media attention*. This has been ongoing.

I went to Japan about a month ago. It was impossible to buy official packs of any set. Only place I could find them was in an official pokemon vending machine in the ikebukuro station, but the line was about 20 people long and you were limited to buying one pack at a time.

Even going to one of the largest pokemon card shops out there -- Hareruya 2 -- they didn't sell any. The Pokemon center had packs, but you couldn't walk in and buy one -- you had to pre order them (I think by lottery).

The only way you can buy cards right now is by direct resale of opened cards. Or, there's a lot of vending machines in tokyo that take opened packs and resell them in an ebay like manner across the streets of tokyo.

Pokemon cards right now are on the level of lottery tickets unfortunately.
The funny thing is that players who buy the minimum rarity singles are having a field day. If you want a playset of Iono at uncommon all you have to do is walk to anyone who bought the boxes and grab them for like... ten bucks at most.
Will never understand why people like Iono so much for waifu. Not even that attractive, pointy shark teeth, and just a horribly annoying personality in the game itself. If you’re gonna waifu over an inanimate character, at least choose a decent one.