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Y'know, since the golden PikaRom from Tag All Stars is coming in this Premium collection, could it be possible that they could release the rest of the golden TTGXes too?


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I hope we get the rest of the Sun and Moon era cards eventually, but even if we don’t, this Pikachu & Zekrom GX would be a nice addition to my collection. I’ll definitely consider this box for the holiday season! I would say that the only thing to stop me from buying this box would be a comparably priced box with Reshiram & Charizard GX, but… it’s not wise to say such things before you know what ALL your options will be.
As for the cards not being standard legal, almost none of these cards are standard relevant, so that’s not necessarily a problem.

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I know, collectors are about there, my point is the impact in Standard Format to the fact that they're Sun & Moon cards by the end of the day.
Sooo... what you're saying is that this (and potentially the other missing cards from Tag All Stars) is a product for collectors. Got it.

You've been around for the past year. You know that any and all Pokemon TCG products sell these days. (With maybe the exception of that Battle Academy box, judging by the mountain of them in the Target near me.) You know that a set like Champion's Path that has little to no impact on Standard can sell out instantly simply because TPCi added two Charizards into it. And you know that Celebrations is one of the most anticipated sets in a long time--news about its products even crashed Pokebeach for a bit--and yet there are a bunch cards in that set that won't be playable in any official tournament setting, let alone Standard.

Again, the Pokemon TCG is now at the point where TPCi can release anything, regardless of whether or not it caters to Standard, and it will sell. So why not make products like this to essentially catch up on unfinished business and cater it towards those who legitimately want it? At this time, Standard has no bearings on the viability of a product.

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We got the

Premium Trainer’s XY Collection​

like a year after The Best Of XY set came out in Japan. I'm not sure why people are so shocked we are starting to see cards from Tag All Stars like a year+ Later.


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I’m quite excited about this box! I always like the big boxes with a lot of packs, and I think if they are doing this, they might also do a massive box with the “missing” FA supporters, something that would be awesome to buy.