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  • I'd like to challenge you to a Gym Battle!
    Here is my code: 0302-0968-6352
    Would you happen to have any Modest or Timid Nature Abra's with Synchronize for trade? I need one so that I can catch Xerneas with either of those Natures, I prefer Timid Nature If that's okay.

    You can breed one for me If you want to, you don't have to since I managed to get a Lv. 10 Male Torchic with Adamant Nature with the characteristic, "Likes to thrash about". Plus I recently got done Super Training it to 510 EV's, but yeah thanks anyway though. If you'd like me to breed you one later on I can and it will be much easier once I transfer over my Gen V Pokemon over to Gen VI. :)

    If it's alright with you I'll let you know If there's any other Pokemon I need although my trade bait for Gen VI is very small at the moment. I'm eventually close to soft-reseting my game to get a good Nature and characteristic (IV) for my Snorlax. Then I need to get a good moveset for a Hasty Nature Lucario since I can't soft-reset for Adamant or Jolly Nature and Lapras is always Docile no matter how many times you soft-reset the game.
    I was wondering, are you able to breed me a Male Adamant Nature Torchic with Speed Boost that has "Alert to sounds" as it's characteristic? If you do I can trade you my Torchic with Speed Boost for it but I want to keep the Blazikenite I got in my game.

    I did also manage to get a Sand Veil Gible with Adamant Nature from a Wonder Trade earlier as well. It's characteristic is "Takes plenty of siestas" which means it has really high HP IV's. If you'd like to trade the Gible for the Torchic I want then I'm all for the trade...
    Hey wazup? Do you have time to help me evolve my Dusclops into Dusknoir? Thanks XD.:)
    Would you also happen to have a Lv. 1 Froakie with Timid Nature and it's ability Protean for trade as well? I can trade my Pidgey for it If you're okay with it.
    If you happen to have a Lv. 1 Modest Fennekin with Magician that's Female then I'll be more than happy to do the trade since I'll trade just about any Pokemon for it.
    I know I sent you a PM about this already but I was wondering If you're interested in doing that trade on Pokemon X and Y. I'd appreciate the help If you could...
    I have two people called Matt.

    Ghost Type (Trainer has a Black Cap, Red Shirt)
    - Lampent
    - Pumpkaboo
    - Golurk

    Ice Type (Trainer has a Red/Black Cap with a symbol on it, and a red vest)
    - Delibird
    - Beartic
    - Piloswine

    It has to be one of these since there is no Yakkov in m Safari list. You show up as Yakkov on the PSS on my screen, but on the Safari as Matt.
    Ok! What name did you register on your 3DS? The Safari looks at 3DS names rather than in-game names.
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