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    TPCi Announces Unscripted Pokemon TCG Series, Opens Casting Calls!

    Pretty much. This will 100% be scripted or biased.
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    ‘Pokemon GO Pin Collections’ Featuring Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle Revealed!

    People will enjoy legacy content. There is not only nostalgia, but the designs hold up to this day. They are also the main starter choice in Pokemon Go. So no, they won't get tired of them. That's like saying "Will Disney ever get tired of Mickey Mouse and his friends?"
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    Hisuian Typhlosion Promo Giveaway at Gamestop!

    Just giving you a heads up, EB Games has transitioned to Gamestop in Canada as well now. Still interesting to see these return!
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    Sylveon from ‘Pokemon GO’

    I do understand why you disagree to an extent, but I do think they shouldn't have gone with this big of a power creep in SWSH lol. While there does seem to be variety and I do like that, Pokemon definitely does not know what they're doing in terms of handling the card game and booster sets...
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    Sylveon from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Because I still collect and would enjoy casual play? Bruh people can still collect the cards. I'd like to enjoy the game again but I simply cannot. I've also been on this site for a long time lol. Not sure if trolling or not, but no lol. I love Pokemon, I just wish the card game was enjoyable...
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    Sylveon from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Honestly glad I ditched this card game when I did. They just keep making bad decisions and I cannot stand it. This felt like the nail in the coffin for me because it showed how out of touch they are.
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    Upcoming ‘Pokemon GO’ Collaboration Announced for Pokemon Leagues!

    Exactly, even then - half of those "collectors" are not even Pokemon fans, but merely those wanting to make a quick buck on nostalgia. I saw it happen during the Evolutions pre-release, they are a very entitled bunch. The leagues should go a step further than being shown research data, the Go...
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    Upcoming ‘Pokemon GO’ Collaboration Announced for Pokemon Leagues!

    Pokemon Go Players and Pokemon Players are unfortunately not as well of a match you would think it is. While I say it's great to attract a few players who don't keep up with actual Pokemon events and news, it is also going to attract a crowd of people who will just come in, take a card (or...
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    The Pokemon Company International to Buy Millennium Print Group

    I don't know why but this feels concerning for some reason.
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    Eevee, Leafeon, and Glaceon Revealed from S10!

    Glaceon would be neat if we ever got the "Evolution" Format. keyword: if -glares at TPCi- Love the art on these, I feel like we'll be getting Irida and Adaman CRs.
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    Logan Paul’s ‘Base Set’ Case is Fake: Threats, Bribery, and Shady Behavior Down the Ladder

    THIS! Man has 0 interest in Pokemon itself and I'm so tired of people defending him and treating him like he's some Pokemon superfan BECAUSE he has this Charizard.
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    Logan Paul’s Dubious ‘Base Set’ Case To Be Verified This Weekend, Unlikely to Convince Collectors

    I look forward to him opening up a ton of fakes after it being verified as real to drive home that this man knows nothing about Pokemon.
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    Deck Lists for ‘Single / Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle Decks’ Revealed!

    That lack of Inteleon shows a severe lack of cares given for the players with this lolol
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    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Officially Revealed, Will Contain Character Rares from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    I wish we'd get that Evolution format they suggested in the survey already, I'm so tired of big basics and their evos lol 5Ban back again with the big stuff, very unfortunate. Good thing the Character Rares are good stuff.
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Officially Revealed!

    You had me until not being able to trade cards, what the hell Pokemon.