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  • pokemonmbl, Welp, before you make any threads, you have to show me that you can improve your spelling and grammar. Show meh it.
    Contributor: Post with correct spelling and grammar as well as an extensive knowledge of the competitive aspects of the game. Make many informative posts and articles, as well as have a desire to help the forums. You can't ask to be one, though. The mods will PM you when they think you are worthy.
    If you need help getting a nice avatar/signature, ask me what you want it to be of and I'll get you a URL for either/or.
    pokemonmbl, No. King Arceus, the head judge at states, is a super mod (what I said). I'm a Community Contributor, though, so I get to work with other contributors and mods.
    Hi Matt. Need any help with anything? (Reply to this by clicking the Reply button, btw)

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