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    Contest August 2021 CaC: Top Cards (Results Are Up!)

    I'll sign up for text, but I'm not sure I have any good ideas yet 😅
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    News Golden Mew Surfacing on the internet!

    025/025 isn't a secret rare though, only cards over the set card number are. Looks legit, but that makes me think that it could be fake, since all gold cards in the SwSh block so far have been over the set number. But since it's a special set, it could be that, maybe they wanted exactly 25...
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    New TCG Trademarks: ‘Battle Legion’ and ‘Star Birth!’

    Battle Legion? Hoping for some Warhammer references 😁 Both sound cool, I wonder if they will theme the card designs around feudal Japan
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    Contest June 2021 CaC: Owner's Pokémon (Results Up!)

    Sorry for entering so late, I wasn't going to submit my card but found a spare couple of hours to clean up the draft, so I hope that's okay!
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    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    I'm not complaining tbh, it's one of my favourite Galarian evolutions.
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    Contest May 2021 CaC: Extreme Heights (Results Are Up!)

    Only just seen this, big F indeed, ah well :D
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    Ultra PRO Releasing New Booster Box Displays!

    $40 as well? That's ridiculous. Wish they would make one of these for ETB's with a more appropriate price.
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    'Eevee Heroes' TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!

    Why does this line get so many cards? Most of them are bland anyway, but Araquanid seems to get a card every other set...
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    Contest May 2021 CaC: Extreme Heights (Results Are Up!)

    In for text... I had a good idea for Golurk, but turns out he's a 9'2'' manlet :(
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    Contest April 2021 CaC: Trick ((Real) Results Are Up!)

    Wow. I am honoured that my stupid fire monkey came first. I'll keep in mind the point about HP, as the reason for the ability to heal was to potentially prolong it's life. And I did think that it would be a bit overpowered if the original monkey stayed in hand, but I can see what you are saying...
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    Contest April 2021 CaC: Trick ((Real) Results Are Up!)

    I would like to register a complaint, as the hate against the three wise monkeys of Unova is too widespread in this community. I have made a stand and was excluded, that is unacceptable, as the monkey is clearly the winner.
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    Contest April 2021 CaC: Trick ((Real) Results Are Up!)

    Glad this was already answered, I'd like to join for text (hopefully i'll make time to triple check my wording this time :|)!
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    'Matchless Fighter' Revealed as March's Japanese Set!

    How is this broken? It's workable but it's in no way broken.