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  • Sandridith,
    Hey, I already added you. Regarding your friend safari, I found out the following info:
    Pokémon- Farfetch'd, Swanna, ? (I can find this out for you when you're online)
    Sandridith, Hey I've added your fc. You have a flying type friend safari with Farfetch'd and Swanna so far. We need to both be online so I can see your third pokemon and you can gain access to the Dittoes!
    ah thats understandable i just joined. but if your willing to take a gamble on me i wont dissapoint
    Sandridith, sorry, but I only add active members of the forums. This is to ensure I'm not wasting a friend code on someone who will not be an active trader/battler (and to avoid adding those simply after a Ditto safari).
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