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  • RogueChomp, It's not that hard (I 6-0'd one at my last cities with Darkrai/Landy lol)

    For starters, get a quick night spear. T2 Spear REALLY helps out and can just straight up win you the game right there. From there, just make sure you set up Darkrais and use Mewtwo very often. VERY often. Keldeo despises Mewtwo in every way, shape, and form, just troll the hell out of them with it. My Darkrai/Landy list runs 2 Mewtwo and 2 DCE, which really helps, but it's still possible even if you don't run those. If they only get 1 Blastoise up and have a slow start, you can snipe it with Spear twice and then KO it, but don't do it unless it's clearly the best option.

    Edit: Also if you feel like it you can use Landy + Energy switch to finish the game with 150, but only do that if you can win that turn or you're sure that they don't have a catcher (or if they win anyway if they get a catcher)
    RogueChomp, I need the Tropical Beach x_____x.

    If he doesn't respond before you go to bed, can you let me know? (also let me know if he does respond lol) I may have to revise my list.
    RogueChomp, I know, but he said he would give it to a friend so that I could still borrow it. Is there any way you could get into contact with him to remind him to do it?
    Tell Jeremy to go on PB, just want to confirm borrowing plan with him so I'm not freaking out tomorrow.
    RogueChomp, i should of gotten my list from chen actually, but i didnt :/
    RogueChomp, If you want it, I really don't care since you're going to a different regionals than I am. :p

    How did you do at cities?
    RogueChomp, The best part is that I have been playing the same deck the whole time. Do you want my list?
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