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  • If you're not a TCG person, are you sure making a TCG set is something you should be doing? If you're not making art, and don't know how attacks work (your only card has an attack which does 35 damage, this never happens in the TCG, since there's no way of indicating damage which is not divisible by 10), what would other people find interesting about your project? I'm sure there are other ways of doing creative stuff which do involve things within your areas of expertise.

    For example, I know next to nothing about the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. It would be silly for me to make a thread where I try to come up with new Sonic characters, right?

    I think it might be best to either learn the TCG before starting a project like this, or to search for other creative outlets.
    Queen Sylveon, To reply here in the profiles, right above this answer and below my name there's a "reply" option in gray, and in the forums in the bottom right of each post, there's also a "reply" option. :)

    That's interesting. It probably was a Ranger game because in those you have to spin something multiple times around the Pokémon to make it friendly.
    Queen Sylveon, Thanks for that. ;)
    I just checked a couple of wi-fi battles on YT and while Wailord is in it's full size, the scale isn't accurate in comparison with other Pokémon, so if this also happens in normal battles, then GF could also do it when making Pokémon following us in 3D, just like they did in HG/SS.
    Poems are fine, but are you sure you are committed to writing two at the same time so early in development? Trust me, I'm 33 chapters in on my first story and I've put it on hiatus. If I were you, I'd maybe save the idea for later or discontinue the first.
    You're welcome. Oh, and I just took Umbreon's picture and messed with its transparency a bit (called opacity on photoshop), then placed it right in front of the moon. When I read the quick description, that picture came into mind. ^_^
    "Brownie points" is like a social currency or special favoring that one receives when he compliments another person.
    If I were you, I'd put the spoiler in the main OP and leave the comments just for updates. Just my personal opinion!
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