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  • does anyone know how to calculate dropped opponents into resistance? if you do please let me know.
    Q3 cups are starting up in my area again, currently have plans to travel to 10 of them. need to top 2, sitting at 146 points.
    Got to campus at 7:30am today, don't have my first class until 10:10am. Why do I do this to myself?
    What do I do with my time now that I don't have classes? I'm already so bored ;_;
    Why don't you do something amazing and significant ? After all, you were born for greatness. The world needs something special that only you can give :)
    Really wish I could play Moon, but nooooooooo I have to learn about the actual moon and things like that. P.S. - Moon mapping projects suck
    Just finished my last history assignment that should solidify me getting an A in the class. Now, ONWARDS TO FINALS WEEK! (loljk rip me)
    Can't access a key piece of information for my palm-pitviper research paper. So I guess I'm done for the night :(
    Thought I had a History paper due last night that I forgot about. Freaked and double checked and didn't have one. *satisfaction intensifies*
    *prays to Arceus that Target still has tins in 7 hours*
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    They did. Got 4 Magearna-EX and 1 Thunderous-EX. Pulled FA Sycamore, FA Scizor-EX, and FA Lysandre. Plus like 7 holo rares that are actually useful!
    *Me doing math*: I have no idea what I'm doing! *Me doing math based science*: This is so easy and fun how do people not know this?
    Trying to build a decent Dragon M Rayquaza-EX deck in this format is a pain. Any pointers, anybody?
    Why do I schedule work and 2 labs back to back to back? >.> actually makes me hate myself 99% of the time on Wednesday's. Damnit me!
    Oh, also because one of my old professors is giving a talk on plate tectonics in Taiwan. At least, that's what I think he's talking about...
    After 2 years of being in my current major, finally going to my first Friday seminar . Primarily because I'm hungry and they have free pizza
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