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  • Hey it's me again!
    How's the dex coming?
    Do you still need dex entries for some Legends?

    I saw your post in the Vivillon thread. I'd like to help.
    I have these:
    - icy snow
    - tundra
    - marine
    - archipelago
    - sandstorm
    - monsoon
    - savanna
    - sun
    - ocean
    - jungle
    I'll trade you 1 of each, 10 total, for 10 of your native pattern Vivillon.
    The catch is I can't do the trade before June 21.
    Hey I was wondering if you would add me I have a fire type with growlithe, pyroar, and braixen
    FC: 4356-0540-1812
    There's no rush. My pokemon aren't going any where.
    Good luck!
    I have all the entries.
    I'm missing Mew, Deoxys, Manaphy, Genesect.
    You don't need the events to get a Shiny Charm or a complete Dex in the game.
    If we can decide a day. I can get ahead on my Vivillons.
    I'm willing to trade for dex entries. I want my non breedable pokemon back.
    I'll need a list of who you need.
    Do you want to keep the legendaries or will trade them back (gives you the dex entry.)?
    im sooo close to finishing but I need a lot of legendaries which I have nothing to trade for them right now so I can't get them
    Hi! I just added you to my friend safari, my friend code is 4313-0729-0444 add me if you want
    btw your avatar is incredible cute!!
    pkm_lover thanks for the trade request i have pm'd you about it also if you want to know my friend safari is a normal type including: eevee, tediursa, keckleon
    Welcome to Pokebeach!
    My friend code is 1907-9797-0140
    My safari is Ice: Spheal, Bergmite and Cloyster.
    Would you like me to check for the last pokemon in your safari?
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