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  • I loved Death Note too, but I got spoilered halfway through about the ending. I also was sad about the ending a little, but I overall loved the anime. Do you watch Fate/stay night? It also has a lot of action. I love that one, but it's not very long. They also made Fate/zero, which happened before Fate/stay night, but was created after it. It shows a lot of the backstory.
    I listed some of the anime I loved here. Bleach has been on my to-watch list for a while. I should really start on it soon! Black Lagoon looks pretty interesting as well. I'll probably try that too! Dragonball and Dragonball Z were some of my favourite anime back in the day. I still watch reruns sometimes.
    Welcome to PokéBeach! I liked your introduction. I love anime as well. :D Which anime do you watch? Fairy Tail is my favourite one that is still ongoing, but I love many others.
    Mr. Optimistic, I'm a mix between Mage, very high level Sneaking (think it's 100.. don't remember), and One Handed blades. Other games - where do I begin?? Let's see, there's Halo, Tomb Raider, very recently Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed, ...etc. What about you?
    So, what I'm hearing is England doesn't get snow. Right? Wow. That kind of stinks. It's like, why call it a "white Christmas" if there's no snow?
    Hey, thanks for leaving a message! How nice, haha. So, here's the answers to your questions.
    1. I am currently a Wood Elf, but will play as a Khajiit next time.
    2. I have a pretty solid tie for favorites between Lugia and Lucario.
    3. My favorite band is Evanescence.
    4. I came here because I can't talk to my friends about Pokemon, plus I had one stupid question. So I was searching, and up popped PokeBeach. I'll give this place a chance. :)
    5. America nice during December? Haha. It really depends. Some years, the snow actually comes during December and not November, with pretty little snowflakes. Other times, we get like 8+ feet if snow. Not fun.
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