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  • That sucks, I used to go to a league like that but then it got shut down because the kids were so awful. If there are no CP points, I'll probably still play decently because I want a 1st place Victory Cup. I have a 2nd place one, but not the 1st.
    Thanks. I am feeling Eels as well or some Garbodor thing I'm playing around with. People are going rogue at my league, it gives good practice.
    Lol, I think it loses to Garchomp far too easily.
    Ttyl, I need to catch up on lost sleep from this weekend.
    I am usually able to time PRs with birthdays or grade cards so I don't have to pay for them :)
    I am pretty much done buying boosters and boxes, they are a waste, except for my ND one. I got a Mewtwo
    Yeah, which means I need to sell bulk to have money for singles. I don't want to buy a box at all. And with any luck, my parents will pay for PRs for my birthday present.
    I'm trying Garchomp stuff too. And another entertaining deck which stomped Garchomp into the ground (Mewtwo/Terrakion/Terrakion EX). I am gonna shuffle a lot since Garchomp was clumping and try again later.
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