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    Discussion Collect or Play TCG?

    It has been a while since I've played a game of Pokemon but have been collecting on and off since the Base Set days. I was thinking the other day what most of the fans now-a-days do...I'd greatly appreciate it if y'all could answer a few questions I have, even some advice would be great. Do you...
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    Discussion 50% Off All Tins at Target!

    Are they currently on sale at Target or on Black Friday?
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    1st Gen. Returning Player: Need cards, a deck, and...

    I started playing back in 5th grade being the best in my class and on my block back in late 1990's early 2000s, the last time I played Pokemon TCG was back when the cards were "fossil" and "team rocket", I believe this is 1st generation. And now it seems we are in the 5th generation. Long story...