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  • I only scanned the TCGOne site on my iPad just now, can you tell? :p On a computer now though :3

    Ok thanks for telling me. I'm almost certain that PTCGO is a download, so I guess I'll get onto that now. 4:35 AM after a sleepness night is prime time to try something new, right? :p
    Haha, looks like TCG ONE is free! I love you for telling me to visit it, imma download it rn :3
    Yea, logic is certainly lacking with him rn :p

    I know that you need to buy your decks for TCGOnline, but I haven't looked at TCGOne before. I'll look it up now I suppose, see if it's viable. The thing is is that I still don't get much money since I'm too young to work for minimum wage, so I hae to save all of the money I do get (so birthdays and christmas) for video games. If I end up with a spare bit of cash, I could buy a booster pack, but I probably wouldn't just because chances are the cards would be rubbish, and by the time I actually get enough semi-viable cards to use them, they'll be outdated or the metagame will have found counters to them. I just don't think it's possible rn :/. Thanks for pointing me to TCGOne though, it could start my TCG career depending on what it is! :p
    Luispipe8, hehe sorry. I thought it was more of a webzine topic in general at first, but then it turned out to be a specific not-even-webzine topic >~<

    Now it's more of a "let's try and snap Ironman back into reality" :p

    I would like to get into the TCG though. I just have no way to play it, and definitely not enough money to should I want to get into it. Seriously, if someone made a website with all cards available for £10 a month they would make a nice profit from it. Surprised it hasn't been done already.
    To answer your question, I've never heard of that Jason Klaszcinski guy, so I'd read the article by you :p
    Sorry, I leave early for work on Monday. What about my Sunday night/your Sunday morning or my Monday night (after work)/your Monday morning (or a similar set-up on any weekday, should Day get extended)?

    If not, it's okay. At least we tried. :) Drohn will hopefully allow us to carry the match over to the next Day, like what happened with yours and Celever's match.
    Hey there! We haven't talked about our Kingdoms fight haven't we?

    The earliest I can battle you is on 22-24:00 GMT Thursday, before I go to work at 24:00 GMT (I believe it's around 5:30 pm on Thursday for you). If not, we can go with the old schedule we fought on, that is, the weekend: Friday night for you - Saturday morning for me, or, Saturday night for you - Sunday morning for me.
    Luispipe8, I'm like to think I'm pretty easy to get along with x3 Glad to be back, and thanks for the welcome!
    Did you not have a dead chat? I'm just wondering because I can't see it in the endgame post, and reading said QT is really fun every game n_n
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