Ice Arceus

Former CW Head :)

Jan 4, 1996 (Age: 28)
Pokémon, Animé, Animation, Programming (games), Soccer, and Basketball.
Pokemon Involvement
  1. VG Player
  2. Competitive VG Player
  3. Episode Watcher
  4. Movie Watcher
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    900+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 900 likes.
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    Chat Admin

    Moderates the PokéBeach chat room, writes the rules, selects chat staff, and has elevated controls.
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    Movie Watcher

    This member loves the Pokémon films and has seen all of them multiple times.
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    Episode Watcher

    This member watches the Pokémon anime on a regular basis or has seen most seasons. He or she has extensive knowledge of the show.
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    Competitive VG Player

    This member competitively plays the Pokémon VG on a regular basis.
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    VG Player

    This member plays the Pokémon video games on a regular basis.
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    300+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 300 likes.
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    100+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 100 likes.
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    Certified Art Expert

    An artist who regularly provides respectful, informed, and constructive criticism to other artists on the forum.
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    Creative Works Staff

    Moderates the Creative Works section on the forums.
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    PokeBeach Artist

    A skilled artist who has fulfilled at least 8 art commissions for PokéBeach’s various programs.
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    Star Staff

    This member has been on the staff for at least three years!