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    Netflix Launching Collectibles Show Featuring the Pokemon TCG: Call For Entries!

    It’s the Base Set Chaaaarizaaaard Shoooowwwwwwww~🎵 There’s so many more interesting cards, even from the Wizards era, but the Charizard craze and narrative is what everyone goes with. It’s no different than when a news outlet discusses video games and still think it’s all Pac-Man and Donkey...
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    New Tropical TCG Accessories!

    How are the Pokémon Center sleeves when it comes to quality? Are they a bump up from ETB quality? Maybe even Ultra Pro? I’ve never bought any.
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    Japan Getting TCG Accessories Celebrating TCG’s 25th Anniversary!

    For a second, I thought that the Pikachu laying down on the pink surfboard was a nod to Puka with blue eyes.
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    ‘J Balvin V’ Promo Card Revealed for P25 Music Album!

    Didn’t this guy have a themed McDonald’s meal a few months back? That’s really all I recognize the name from.
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    Lucario Ultra PRO Products Announced

    That UltraPRO intern who goes wild on Canva is at it again.
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    Some ‘Celebrations’ Products Delayed Until Unknown Date

    Here’s hoping Celebrations is the last hurrah for scalpers and other shady buyers. 2022 we get pre 2020 stock levels back. I’ll be glad to return to the days of overpacked shelves full of unwanted boxes and almost anything you would want to buy. When it goes from a for profit game and back to...
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    ‘Fusion Strike’ Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

    Once you discover DEX Protection binders, you don’t go back. (And Dragon Shield for the sleeves, doubled, while we’re at it.)
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    ‘Celebrations’ Tins of Lance’s Charizard V and Dark Sylveon V!

    Yes, release an over abundance of Charizard product so the rest of us can get the good stuff. It keeps the scalpers busy.
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    Another Wave of ‘Special Delivery Bidoof’ Codes Going Out!

    Just checked Pokemon Center and TCG products aren’t sold out for once. On launch day. The hype is dying (which is good for the rest of us).
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    ‘Hoopa V Box’ Releasing Alongside ‘Dragonite V Box!’

    The Hoopa box could double as a box for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise.
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    ‘Fusion Strike’ Products Officially Revealed!

    The pinkest set for dropping Fairy energy. Cruel fate.
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    Special Delivery Bidoof Shipping Out, Further Waves Still Coming

    I probably spend a couple hundred at Pokémon Center monthly and didn’t even know about the card until reading about it here.
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    Pokemon Officially Reveals Professor Oak Card and Imposter Professor Oak from ‘Celebrations!’

    It’s bland, I agree, but it’s also not displeasing to look at. I almost wish they had used the second version, scaled down a lot, even something similar to the little foil Eye of Anubis square on a Yu-Gi-Oh! card that had the 25 symbol.
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    Pokemon Officially Reveals Professor Oak Card and Imposter Professor Oak from ‘Celebrations!’

    It’s really too bad the English prints will have the ugly 25 Pikachu head that doesn’t look uniform at all. I hope they print enough Japanese product.
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    Ultra PRO Announces Expensive New “Elite Series” Accessories Featuring Pikachu!

    Would have been fine with just the Poké Ball silhouette.