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  • Hi Brave Vesperia, Hi Luis!

    thank you both for having me welcome here : )
    I´m currently planing on building a mega charizard ex deck, really fun to play imo ^^

    Luis, I´m actually not that much into chemestry but had it in school as an "expanded" course (sorry if my English is bad but i think you´ll get the idea : D). I like the name very much and its my nickname in some other forums as well as in PSN xD

    i wish i could play the game competetivly but its actually pretty hard to find tournaments in Germany so… yeah :p

    i also have to update my cards in a way.. since i quit playing when the legend cards came out i have to somewhat see what cards are in the format right now and wich are the "must haves". But that wont be a problem cause i know when it comes to PTCG im at the best adress here : )

    Cheers :p
    Hi, Hexogen, Welcome to PokéBeach! I hope you enjoy the site once again. :D

    Now, may I ask why you have such and explosive compound as Trinitrotriazine as your avatar? DO YOU WANT TO BLOW UP THE FORUMS?! Haha, just kidding, but seriously, are you into Chemistry?
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