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  • gary182000, Good. I have made some new friends. Not too much, I was out this year with an injury. How have you been?
    gary182000, But most of the info is false...
    gary182000 said:
    I am Confirming some more info about Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard.

    The amount of cards that will be in each set is 52 and 104 in all.

    After Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard have been released then all the Unova pokemon will be released and that should conclude that Black and White Series and move on unless that there will be another set like Call of Legends.

    In each set there will be 48 cards with 4 Secret Rares.

    The first BW Stadium Card will be released in Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard. Along with some more supporters including Clian. The set will also have a reprint of Double Colorless Energy.

    This set will be including 4 new Unova Legendary's. The name's of them are Moletta, Genesect, Keldo, and Kyrum.

    This set will not only be including Kyrum EX and Mewtwo EX but also Reshiram EX and Zekrom EX. The Reshiram EX and Zekrom EX will be featured in decks which will be released in Japan on October 21. Alongside from the EX cards the sets will also still be including FA cards.

    Also pokemon like Lucario, Bisharp, Pikachu, Meowth, Cinccino, and Scrafty will be included also other pokemon from the 5 generations.

    Furthermore, in the BW3 booster/box campaigns, Luxio, Riolu, and Meowth will each be receiving promotional cards.

    This is all the info about these 2 sets I have so far.

    Where did you get this info?
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