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  • I would recommend looking into getting single cards as well. I know it costs a bit more, but isn't it worth it in the end?
    Awesome! Ex Dragon was a cool set. I wish I had more cards from it. I have a 1st Edition Fossil set, an unlimited Fossil set, unlimited Team Rocket, Master Set HS: Unleashed, Master Set XY and I'm working on Master Set Flashfire, Master Set, Furious Fists and Master Set Phantom Forces.
    Hi, Frosty, Welcome to PokéBeach! Hope that you have a nice time around here! :D So you only collect, or also play/have played the game?
    Hi! I saw that you collect cards as well! What sets have you completed and/or are trying to complete? Do you go for Master Sets (all the Ultra Rares, Secret Rares and Reverse Holos) or just one of every card?
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