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    Collecting Hundreds of Brilliant Stars Packs... And No Charizard Yet!

    what is up you guys we continued our Brilliant Stars hunt this weekend as we keep hunting for one of the big 4 charizard cards in Brilliant Stars. We've opened up 3 booster boxes, 4-5 elite trainer boxes, a handful of build and battle kits, and lots of sleeved blisters and still no luck! Have...
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    Collecting First CGC Graded Card Return

    What is up you guys we just got our first ever return from CGC and it was super exciting to get these cards back. A lot of these cards were pulled on our channel and a lot of them have sentimental value to us. Here is our top 3 favorite that we got and if you guys are interested in seeing all 56...
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    Collecting Some free code cards for you guys

    Got some more code cards for you guys. We also opened up some great sets and had some amazing pulls in this weekends videos. Check us out on YouTube at EpicPulls to watch us crack into some Champions Path, Celebrations, Hidden Fates, Shining Fates, Shining Legends, and the brand new PokeRev 2.0...
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    Collecting Some free code cards for you guys

    Here are some free code cards for you guys! Hope you enjoy! If you want some more free codes you can check us out on Youtube at EpicPulls, we give out the code cards in every video. If you want some bonus code cards sub to our channel and let us know you found us from Pokebeach forums. In the...