Collecting Hundreds of Brilliant Stars Packs... And No Charizard Yet!

Epic Pulls

Aspiring Trainer
what is up you guys we continued our Brilliant Stars hunt this weekend as we keep hunting for one of the big 4 charizard cards in Brilliant Stars. We've opened up 3 booster boxes, 4-5 elite trainer boxes, a handful of build and battle kits, and lots of sleeved blisters and still no luck! Have you guys pulled out one of the big charizards in this set yet? If so which product did you guys pull it out of? Let us know if you guys come over from PokeBeach!

I am trying to collect a complete set of Brilliant stars so if you guys are up for trading let me know!

Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box vs Sleeved Boosters

We Opened nothing by Charizard Sleeves to try and summon one!