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Feb 18, 2015
Nov 16, 2008
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Apr 5, 1994 (Age: 24)
In the bushes.. err.. I mean Southern California.

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Elite Stride

♫ I'm on the road to Viridian City ♫, Male, 24, from In the bushes.. err.. I mean Southern California.


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Feb 18, 2015
    1. Hydro Cannon
      Hydro Cannon
      Added you bro. Lemme know when you're on next!
    2. ♥AmyKim♥
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Thank You!!~
    3. Daenordus
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Maybe... Hehe...
    4. Daenordus
      What Pokemon team do you use? I'd love to battle you!
    5. purefmwc
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Thanks :)
    6. DNA
      I will have to orchestrate that.
    7. DNA
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], CA States was last Saturday lol
      ...and I didn't take it on because I didn't really get into any situations
    8. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], nah I just like the number 3. And then everybody noticed that TPO3 = TPOT = Teapot, so that's where the nickname came from. :P
    9. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Whew, I fixed it. Turns out the screen only had analog signal while the graphics card only accepted digital. I just used a (my English fail here) piece of equipment to turn the digital socket into analog.
      Still, it annoyed me sooo much.
    10. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Well, what can you do...
      I'm so freaking annoyed right now. I had tested my new PC, everything was great, I began to felt happy and then, suddenly MY SCREEN DIES!!!! Why? Why me? If there's a God, tell me, what have I done?
    11. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Well, I dunno. In Greece, the 3DS is at 150-170€, which is about 190-220$. The 3DS XL is about 30-40€ more expensive, so it's about 260-280$. I doubt that the cost of the 3DS in the States is that high.
    12. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      Nah, I don't mind. I like detailed descriptions.
      I was thinking of buying the XL myself, but I bought a new PC recently, and I dunno if I wanna spend a decent amount of money again anytime soon.
      Oh, and I really like your new avatar.
    13. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      So, is the 3DS XL really that awesome?
    14. MichaelXD
      He thinks I'm a bad person for some reason, but I did nothing. I was trying to convince him I'm innocent.
    15. MichaelXD
      Elite Stride, I tried contacting Jay. Could you contact him for me and get him my attention?
    16. MichaelXD
      Is it alright to contact a staff member about another forum in pm on this forum? I need Jay right now.
    17. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Whooo!
      Time to edit my own.
    18. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      Since I didn't wanna get the thread off-topic, I preferred to continue here.
      Now, what you say certainly is valid. Doing anything under the effect of alcohol is dangerous to other people. However, is it so common, or is it the exception? If heavy drinking is a phenomenon, then the age limit is good where it is. Here it ain't so common. It's partly because of that that the drinking age is 18.
    19. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], Lol.
      Well, thanks for the compliment. But don't believe that all English tutors are that great. I have private lessons since 2003 and I happened to have a great teacher. If I expected to learn English from school, then I'd be a goner. Plus, I've got something like a talent for English. I also did French for two years, but I didn't like it and I never learned to speak properly... I never really bothered anyway.
      And I'm sure you speak better Spanish than you say.
    20. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Elite Stride[/b], What's with people thinking being Greek is cool?
      Well, English is a must-learn for all students, but not everyone pays enough attention. Personally, I consider myself a good English speaker and writer. Very few people I know are better. But there many who are actually quite bad. You know, they just memorize a dictionary and some writing skills to get a certificate and then they forget everything. They can't use the language at all.
      Nonetheless, English is not an official language. It's just the No.1 foreign language choice. Greek is the only official.
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    Apr 5, 1994 (Age: 24)
    In the bushes.. err.. I mean Southern California.
    Video gaming ( mostly Guild Wars, a little RuneScape), film, theatre, artistic n00b, HUGE anime fan, reading and reviewing, fanfics, human behaviors, All things Pokémon!
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    3DS FC---> 3668-7874-6482 | Black Version 2--> 4642-7697-5809
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    >>>>>> A more in-depth bio coming Winter 2013 :p <<<<<<<<

    ~Some Facts About my Pokemon Experiences~

    -My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Blue version.-
    -The First Pokemon Game that I actually beat was Silver Version-
    -I own nearly every main handheld Pokemon Game-
    -First TCG card was Tyrannitar-
    -Playing for over 10 Years-


    [link=http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-pokebeach-forums-rules-info]The Law [/link] | Click the banner to go to a magical place. | My Player Thread
    Black 2 FC---> 4642-7697-5809 | White FC---> 5287-0165-5376
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