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    Saturday, 7/8, New Ash and Brock to Attend Comic-con

    Great to hear it -- get some pictures! I don't think we've ever been given the chance to actually meet the VAs -- good move on Pokemon's part. Let's just hope they're really good and good people.
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    Friday, Site Suggestions

    As for advertising the site -- best thing to do is word of mouth and see to it that the forums are welcoming. I know I've enjoyed the site because it has a lot of really good info. I don't play the TCG as much, though, so other Pokemon info - like an events section or something would be good...
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    PUSA Interview

    I can't believe no one has noticed that before. Hasn't anything aired here first? See, that's why I signed up for this site -- neat stuff happens here. :p
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    Succumb To The Dark Side

    RE: Official Newbie Topic Hi everyone! I just joined this site -- I post off and on on the BulbaGarden site, so you might recognize me from there. I figured I should join this site as well since WPM somehow seems to get info before the others, so many of the discussions/information launch here...